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How To Avoid Jail Time in Utah

1. Have an attorney!

Jail Time Lawyer in UtahHaving an attorney makes all the difference in the world, even if you’re guilty. Most people think that if they committed the crime there is nothing an attorney can do. They’re wrong. If you choose to give up your constitutional rights, you should get something in return.  Often times, even if your case is bad, an attorney has control over sentencing and can keep you out of jail. Having the right person fighting for you is critical.

2. Do not plead guilty!

If you plead guilty, a judge is required to sentence you, and may impose harsh punishments, including jail time. The judge will have very little opportunity to get to know you or know why you deserve a break. The only way you can avoid this is by pleading NOT GUILTY. Do not be fooled. Pleading not guilty does not mean that you didn’t break the law. It doesn’t mean that you are lying or not accepting responsibility for your actions. It simply means that you are exploring your alternatives and making sure you get the best possible outcome. You can still plead guilty later, if you change your mind. But if you plead guilty up front, you can never go back! Don’t give your rights up!

3. Beat the charge!

By hiring the right attorney, you can get charges reduced or dismissed. This is usually one of the best ways to avoid jail time. You need someone who knows the prosecutors and the judges and will know what to expect for you. If they won’t give you the deal you need, you need someone who will fight until they do, or you beat the charge!

4. Get an evaluation!

If all else fails, get an evaluation. Most cases involving drugs or alcohol will require a substance abuse evaluation and/or treatment, regardless of how the case is resolved. If you proactively get that done it will accomplish two things;

  1. it will allow you to pick the place you want based on location/price/people/ etc.
  2. it will show the judge and prosecutor that you are not a danger to yourself or the community, that you are responsible, and will never be in trouble again. It’s a GREAT way to convince a hesitant prosecutor to give you a deal, including no jail time.
  3. Find out a little more here: The Agape Center

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