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Drug Paraphernalia Attorney in Salt Lake City and Utah

Salt Lake City and West Jordan Drug Paraphernalia Defense Attorney

How Your Defense Attorney Can Protect Your Rights in a Drug Paraphernalia Case

Utah state law defines drug paraphernalia as anything that is used or is intended to be used in connection with the use or manufacturing of drugs. Possession of drug paraphernelia is a serious crime in Salt Lake City and across Utah, carrying penalties of fines that can total up to $1,000 and as much as 6 months of jailtime. In order to earn a conviction, Utah prosecutors must prove that the item in question is indeed drug paraphernalia and that the item was actually in your possession.

A skilled criminal defense lawyer can help plan your defense and make sure that your rights are protected in your UT drug paraphernalia case. If you are facing drug paraphernalia charges in Salt Lake City or across Utah, call Branson K. West, Utah’s experienced criminal defense attorney.

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