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"Drug Use as Child Abuse" -- Attorney for Salt Lake City and Utah

Drug Use as Child Abuse Defense Attorney for Salt Lake City and West Jordan Utah

If used in the presence of children, UT state law considers drug use as child abuse. Sometimes referred to as parental drug use or child endangerment, drug use as child abuse can occur in one of two ways: either a child is exposed to drugs while in the womb or a parent allows his or her child to be exposed to the use or manufacturing of illegal drugs. Drug use as child abuse is a serious crime in South Jordan and across Utah and a conviction carries stiff penalties for those involved.

The resolution of this type of case could have extreme consequences on your parental rights. DCFS (Division of Child and Family Services) will usually be involved and will likely be very interested in how your case turns out. Picking the wrong attorney, or having no attorney at all could cost you your children!

If you are charged with drug use as child abuse in South Jordan or the Salt Lake City, Utah area, contact a criminal defense attorney immediately. It is absolutely crucial that you have the help you need to make sure your rights are protected and for that, you need a criminal defense lawyer. Branson K. West is the skilled attorney you need to navigate the UT court system. Don’t risk your freedom by facing drug abuse as child abuse charges alone. Call Branson, Salt Lake’s skilled, experienced criminal defense attorney, at (801) 285-5550 for your free drug charge defense consultation.