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Record Expungement Defense Attorney in Utah

Record Expungement Lawyer in UtahJust because you made a mistake when you were young is no reason to let it haunt you for the rest of your life. Our lawmakers understand the principle of giving a person a second chance. All you have to do is take advantage of the law. Your past criminal offenses and indiscretions could be erased with a few simple steps!

The law on expungements changes on a regular basis. You need an attorney to help you clean your record. Give the law office of Branson K. West a call for your free, and confidential consultation now! Get the law! Call 24 hours a day!

Why You Should Get Your Record Expunged

One of the most frustrating parts of being convicted of a crime is having that crime on your record. Past convictions will show up on a background check and could affect your ability to get a job or a loan. You’ve already paid for your crime--you shouldn’t have to live with that your whole life. The good news is that, in Utah, there is a process by which you can get certain convictions removed from your record, called expungement. Expungement is your chance to get your reputation back. Talk to a lawyer to see if you qualify to pursue a record expungement.

Record Expungement Eligibility

Whether you are eligible for an expungement depends on a number of factors. If your crime was not violent, your odds are better. Utah is also more likely to grant an expungement to someone with just a single violation on his or her record. Many other factors will influence your eligibility for an expungement. Contact an experienced record expungement defense lawyer to know more.

Utah Record Expungement Attorney

Branson K. West is Salt Lake City, UT’s winning criminal defense lawyer. Branson has worked thousands of cases in the SLC area and across Utah. If you want to clear your record with an expungement, you need a lawyer that will believe in you and fight to protect your rights. Branson has the talent and experience to help you prove your case. Call (801) 285-5550 for a free record expungement consultation.

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