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Driving on a Suspended License Defense Lawyer in Utah

Driving on a Suspended or Revoked License Defense Attorney in Salt Lake City, Murray, West Valley, and SandyIn Salt Lake City and across Utah, driving on a suspended/revoked license is treated very seriously. The penalties for it can be quite severe, including potentially jail time, fines, and an increase in the duration of your UT driver’s license suspension or revocation. On first glance, this charge seems like a pretty straightforward one. If you have a suspended or revoked UT driver’s license and you continue to drive, you’re guilty right? Not so fast. There are ways to fight a charge of driving on a suspended or revoked UT driver’s license, and an experienced Utah traffic violation defense attorney can help you understand them.

Driving on a Revoked or Suspended License Charges

First of all, if your license was suspended or revoked, the UT driver’s license division must notify you of the suspension/revocation. If you were not properly notified, you could get your case dismissed. If you are charged with driving on suspended license in the Salt Lake City area or throughout Utah, a criminal defense lawyer will walk you through the process of planning a defense. Don’t face these charges without talking to a lawyer to make sure your rights are protected!

Utah Traffic Violation Defense

In addition to driving on a suspended/revoked license defense, Branson K. West has extensive experience with all Utah traffic violation defense cases including:

Driving on a Suspended or Revoked License Defense Attorney Salt Lake City

Branson K. West is Salt Lake City, UT’s winning criminal defense lawyer. Branson has worked thousands of cases in the SLC area and across Utah. If you are facing charges of driving on a suspended/revoked license, you need a lawyer that will believe in you and fight to protect your rights. Branson has the talent and experience to help you fight and win your case. Call (801) 285-5550 for a free driving on a suspended or revoked license defense consultation.