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Exhibition of Speed Defense Attorney in Salt Lake City and Utah

Exhibition of Speed Defense Attorney in Salt Lake City, Murray, West Valley, and SandyEngaging in a speed contest and exhibition of speed are two traffic violations designed to outlaw street racing and punish those who engage in it. In Salt Lake City and across Utah, a speed contest charge is usually given when there is direct evidence of racing, while exhibition of speed is reserved for less straightforward situations. Depending on the officer’s values, mood, or prejudices, a Utah exhibition of speed charge could come from accidental tire squeaking, accelerating a little quickly, or even just driving a nice car.

Utah Exhibition of Speed Penalties

In UT, exhibition of speed is considered a class C misdemeanor. The penalties for exhibition of speed can include up to 90 days in jail and up to $750 in fines. To add insult to injury, the Utah driver’s license division will penalize you by assessing points against your driving record. Accumulating these points can result in higher insurance premiums or even getting your license suspended. If you are charged with exhibition of speed or engaging in a speed contest in the Salt Lake City area or throughout Utah, talk to an experienced exhibition of speed defense attorney to see how best to fight to protect your rights.

Utah's Exhibition of Speed Defense Attorney

Branson K. West is Salt Lake City, UT’s winning criminal defense lawyer. Branson has worked thousands of cases in the SLC area and across Utah. If you are facing stop sign/traffic control device violations, you need a lawyer that will believe in you and fight to protect your rights. Branson has the talent and experience to help you fight and win your case. Call (801) 285-5550 for a free exhibition of speed defense consultation.

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