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White Collar Crimes Criminal Defense Attorney in Utah

Typically a “white collar crime” happens in a business environment.  No one is physically harmed, but a company or individual may be financially damaged.  White collar crimes can be devastating to a person’s life, but they don’t have to be.  Many times they have evolved from a misunderstanding, or from a situation that got blown out of proportion.  However, the fear and frustration most people deal with when facing a white collar crime can’t be measured.  Your job is on the line.  Your reputation is at stake.  Your future may rest in the hands of a jury of your peers.

Our law makers have defined many white collar crimes as felonies. That means they are serious, and the consequences can be devastating.  You need an attorney who knows the system, and who understands the law.

White Collar Crimes Defense Attorney in Salt Lake City and West Jordan Utah

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