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Utah DUI Attorney- Branson K. West

Remember- DO NOT PLEAD GUILTY TO YOUR UTAH DUI CHARGE!  Your first DUI in Salt Lake City and Utah could cost you as much as $10,000 in fines, so it's important that you fight it aggressively. There are things the Utah DUI prosecutors and courts don't want you to know. You need a DUI attorney in Salt Lake City who has knowledge, experience, and compassion for your Utah DUI charge and situation.

“I have fought over 2,000 DUI charges in almost every city in Utah.”

                                                                        Branson K. West

Being Charged with a DUI in Utah

In Utah, being charged with driving under the influence, or DUI, can result in serious criminal penalties. In certain situations, the penalties for a DUI in Utah can even exceed the penalties for possessing a pound of heroin. You could face thousands of dollars in fines, get your license suspended, lose your job, or worse. If you are facing DUI charges in the Salt Lake City or anywhere in the Utah area, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney or DUI lawyer in Salt Lake City who will fight to make sure you are treated fairly--a lawyer who will aggressively defend your rights.

Thousands of Utah DUI Charges Dropped or Reduced

Top DUI Attorney in UtahBranson has handled thousands of Utah DUI charge cases in Salt Lake City and the local court systems. He KNOWS Utah's judges and he knows the prosecutors who handle the DUI cases in Utah. Most of all, he knows how to defend you against DUI charges in Utah successfully. If you find yourself charged with drunk driving or a DUI, call Branson at (801) 285-5550. For those facing DUI charges in or around SLC, Branson K. West is the DUI attorney with the experience to win.

You Have Deadlines Approaching in Your DUI Case!

The Utah cop that charged you with a DUI probably didn't tell you that you have two major deadlines which are rapidly approaching after you are arrested for driving under the influence. If you ignore them, the consequences could be devastating.

1st DUI Deadline

If you look near the bottom of your citation, you will find a section of fine print that warns you that your drivers license will suspend automatically unless you request a hearing within 10 calendar days of the date of arrest. Most people aren't sure what this means, how to do it, or might confuse it with court. Court dates and Hearings are separate!

2nd DUI Deadline

DUI attorney South Jordan Utah

The second deadline is with the court. On the left-hand side of your citation, it will tell you which court you're going to be going through. Again, this deadline is separate and distinct from the drivers license deadline discussed earlier. Below the name and address of the court, it will notify you that you have 5 to 14 days to contact the court. If you don't, they may issue a warrant for your arrest, which may cause a drivers license suspension, new charges, and significant complications for your case. Don't let this deadline pass either!


There are several different ways to fight a DUI.

  • Branson will look at the legality of the cop's actions.
  • He'll fight the improperly done chemical tests.
  • He'll know whether a jury trial will benefit you.
  • He can negotiate an easy settlement in your case.

There are reasons for each of the foregoing actions, and a brief explanation is contained below.

THE FOURTH AMENDMENT: Our Founding Fathers believed, when they wrote the United States Constitution, that cops should not have free reign. We DO NOT live in a police state. Citizens have rights, one of the most important of which is found in the fourth Amendment to the Constitution. It is your right to be free from unreasonable search and seizure. Therefore, a cop CANNOT stop you for no particular reason. A cop MUST have REASONABLE SUSPICION that a crime has been committed in order to stop you and talk to you. If not, the cop's actions are unconstitutional, and may result in your case being dismissed. Next, if a cop wants to arrest you, they must have PROBABLE CAUSE that you committed a crime. They will typically perform an investigation to gather evidence prior to arresting you. If they don't, again, your case may be dismissed.

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