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Utah Breath Tests and Blood Tests

Breath Tests and Blood Tests legal help from top DUI AttorneyIf you are facing DUI charges in Utah, you need to know about breath tests and blood tests. Once you’ve been placed under arrest, the officer will either have you blow into a device called an intoxilyzer, either on scene or back at the station. Contrary to popular belief, breath tests performed on this machine are not 100% accurate. For one, the intoxilyzer only measures alcohol content to within +/- .005. That is potentially enough to make your breath test result a false positive.

Additionally, cops are required in Utah to perform what’s called a Baker Test prior to having you blow in the breath test intoxilyzer. This means that they need to check your mouth, make sure it’s free from alcohol and other debris, and then actively watch you for at least 15 minutes prior to performing a breath test.  If they leave your presence, you may have an issue that could help your case.  If they fail to check your mouth, again, you may have an issue that could help your case. Call Branson K. West at 801-285-5550, Utah’s top DUI attorney to find out how his knowledge of breath tests and blood tests can help protect your rights.

Utah Blood Test and Breath Test DUI Defense

Breath Test DUI Legal Advice From Utah's Top Defense AttorneyThe Utah breath testing process has many problems. Branson K. West is an experienced criminal defense attorney that can point out how those problems may have lead to an inaccurate or unreliable breath test reading in your case. If you submitted to a breath or blood test after being arrested for DUI in Salt Lake City or the surrounding areas in Utah, contact Branson K. West for a free DUI breath test consultation.