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Utah Attorney DUI Defense Strategy

DUI Attorney Utah

If you are facing DUI charges in Utah, the first thing to remember is this: Do not plead guilty! Your first DUI could cost you as much as $10,000, so it’s important that you fight it aggressively, with a DUI lawyer who has the knowledge and experience to help you plan your DUI defense strategy. Choose Branson K West, a winning DUI Attorney in Salt Lake City, UT. Call for a free, confidential consultation now! (801) 285-5550.

Charged with DUI? Important Deadlines Are Approaching!

If you are charged with a DUI and you fail to seek the help of an experienced DUI lawyer, you risk not having all the information you need for an effective DUI defense strategy. Did the police tell you that you have two legal deadlines that are rapidly approaching? They frequently don’t. Branson has the experience to help you understand these deadlines and navigate the complicated Utah DUI process.

Important Utah DUI Deadlines

Look at the bottom of your DUI citation, and you’ll find a section of fine print that warns you that your UT driver’s license will be suspended automatically unless you request a hearing within 10 calendar days of the date of arrest. Most people aren’t sure what this means or how to do it. Call me, your DUI Attorney in Salt Lake City, Utah, with no obligation. Don’t wait, or you may regret it. On a first offense, you could face a license suspension of 120 days or an 18 month revocation if you refused a breath test. If you don’t request your hearing in the first 10 calendar days, there is NO provision for getting your license back, even if they shouldn’t have taken it in the first place. Call Branson to make sure your DUI defense strategy is as effective as it can be.