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Facing DUI Charges?

South Jordan Attorney for DUIsPeople often ask if hiring an attorney for DUI is necessary.  A DUI conviction has very serious consequences including costly fines, jail time, loss of driving privileges, and a permanent record which can effect future education, job and financial prospects. Having an aggressive attorney for DUI charges can protect your rights are and ensure the best outcome possible in your case.

How We Can Help You With Your DUI

  • Free DUI Case Evaluation and DUI Defense Strategy: In addition to a complimentary DUI consultation.
  • Dismissing Your DUI or DWI: We’ll do everything we can to get your case thrown out of court, keeping your record clean as a result.
  • Getting You Charges Reduced or Expunging Your Record: Your past criminal offenses and indiscretions could be erased with a few simple steps!
  • Getting Your Car and License Back: We will work to get your car and license back in your possession as fast as possible, so you can get back to your life.
  • Keeping Your Record Clean: Don’t want a DUI or DWI showing up on your permanent record? A DUI or DWI not properly taken care of can effect everything from future employment and education opportunities to credit and finances.

Experienced Attorney for DUI

Branson K. West has handled thousands of DUI and criminal defense cases in Salt Lake City, Ogden, Provo, Lehi and throughout the Wasatch Front. Branson West Law Firm is focused on criminal defense and DUI defense which enables us to expertly handle even the most unique DUI cases with an unmatched strategic defense. Call 801-285-5550 for a free case evaluation with an experienced attorney for DUI.

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