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Cheap DUI Lawyer in Utah

Cheap DUI AttorneyNothing about a DUI is cheap and the additional cost of hiring a DUI lawyer can vary depending on the firm. The fees and fines associated with a DUI charge can cost you over $10,000 for court fines, impound fees, substance abuse treatment, ignition interlock device, plus more. Many DUI defense lawyers advertise cheap DUI representation but often the legal fees can range from $1,500 to $10,000 depending on the case. In addition to DUI fines and legal fees, there are consequential costs including increased insurance rates, time away from job, loss of license, etc. Although the financial obligations of a DUI seem daunting, representing yourself can be even more costly. A skilled DUI lawyer has the knowledge and experience to plan your DUI defense strategy and aggressively fight for the best outcome possible.

Flat Rate DUI Lawyer Fees

The cost of a Utah DUI and legal representation is an unforeseen financial obligation for anyone. Our law firm strongly believes in delivering quality legal representation at affordable rates. Branson West Law offers flat rate attorney fees and flexible payment options that work with your budget. The flat rate lawyer fees may vary slightly depending on the offense and court district.

Affordable DUI Defense

At our Utah law firm, we focus on criminal defense and DUI defense only. Branson K. West is a highly qualified DUI defense lawyer with a stellar reputation both with the Utah Court System and his clients. I believe that every client deserves quality DUI defense for a fair price. My DUI defense fees are set at a flat rate to assist you with your budgeting. In addition, I offer a free case evaluation.

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