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Criminal Defense & DUI Financing and Payment Plans in Utah.

Payment Plans

Contact Utah DUI & Criminal Defense Lawyer Branson K. West directly to discuss his payment plan options. The payment plans available are designed to ensure your case is defended by a confident and experienced lawyer on terms that you can handle. Please feel free to contact him anytime.

Free Consultations

Branson always offers free advice and consultations when it comes to any criminal charge. Call him anytime, email, or chat to find out what your options are.

Work on Your Case Can Begin with Low or Minimal Fees

Branson will work with you and your budget even if that means that he begins work on your case for a low start fee. Most lawyers will not even begin work without 50%-100% down!

Case Discount with Upfront Payment

Branson will give a discount on your case when you are able to pay your fees in full and up front. No worries if you cannot though. Branson will always want to make sure your case gets a fair trial no matter which financial arrangement has been made!

Accepts All Major Credit Cards

For your convenience, Branson accepts all major credit cards.


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